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The rock making up Vedauwoo’s characteristic outcrops is the 1.4 billion year old Sherman Granite. These rocks represent some of the oldest rock in Wyoming (but are still more than a billion years younger than the Tetons). The hard granite of Vedauwoo is made of large crystals of quartz, orthoclase, plagioclase, and some mica and is more erosion-resistant, resulting in wind and water-sculpted forms.
Wildlife abounds in and around Vedauwoo with Wyoming ground squirrels, mule deer, elk, moose, yellow-bellied marmots, chipmunks, pronghorn, wild turkeys, badgers, prairie dogs, coyotes, and mountain lions all calling the area home. Beavers are found in some of the creeks, where their dams and lodges form cover for a variety of aquatic insects, frogs, and fish. Golden and bald eagles can be seen soaring on the thermals alongside hawks, crows, ravens, turkey vultures, and numerous songbirds.


The Ames Monument is located on a wind-blown, treeless summit. The monument is a four-sided, random ashlar pyramid, 60 feet (18 m) square at the base and 60 feet (18 m) high, constructed of light-colored native granite.  Noted American architect H. H. Richardson designed the pyramid, which includes two 9 feet (2.7 m) tall bas-relief portraits of the Ames brothers by sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens on the east and west sides of the pyramid’s top. Saint-Gaudens chiseled the bas-reliefs from Quincy, Massachusetts, granite. The pyramid is one of only two examples of Richardson’s work west of the Mississippi River, the other being the Isaac H. Lionberger House in St. Louis less than two miles from the river.

The Wyoming Territorial Prison

is a former federal government prison near Laramie, Wyoming. Built in 1872 it is one of the oldest buildings in Wyoming. It operated as a federal penitentiary from 1872 to 1890, and as a state prison from 1890 to 1901.

Snowy Range Byway / Saratoga / Encampment

The byway  crosses the Medicine Bow Mountain Range and includes the 29 miles of the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest portion of Wyoming Highway 130. Driving time along the Snowy Range Scenic Byway from one forest boundary to the other depends on the interests of the visitor.   The Byway route rises from 8,000 ft. on the valley floor to a height of 10, 847 ft. above sea level.  Traditionally the byway opens with the help of snowplows on or before Memorial Day weekend.



Laramie is an eclectic town comprised of an exciting combination of college-town vibrancy, Western history and lore.   Laramie also is a popular destination among outdoor enthusiasts offering a wide range of outdoor activities from fishing,  skiing, snowmobiling,  biking and a beautiful mountain range to explore.

Enjoy Locally owned restaurants, breweries and coffee shops 


is the capital city of Wyoming. It’s home to the Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum, with exhibits about early rodeos and artifacts like 19th-century passenger wagons. The landscaped Cheyenne Botanic Gardens includes a labyrinth. Collections at the Wyoming State Museum include dinosaur fossils. The 1904 Historic Governors’ Mansion and 19th-century Wyoming State Capitol Building are close to each other.